Friday, February 1, 2013

Here's to the Silent

Day32/365-February 1, 2013
Here's to the silent, the ones who keep to themselves. Here's to the ones who are 5,000 times funnier than you think, the ones you don't know. Here's to the ones being judged but do nothing. Here's to the most unpredictable person. Here's to the silent.

PLEASE DON'T KILL ME FOR NOT UPDATING AND MISSING TWO DAYS, THEY WERE THE CRAZIEST DAYS OF MY LIFE AND ONE OF THEM WAS MY BRITHDAY AND I DIDN'T GET HOME TIL MIDNIGHT. SO YEAH, NOW ArAnDoMsTuDeNt is a year older. Anyway, by the silent I mean the mute, the ones with no ability to speak-not quiet people. This is dedicated to anybody who can't speak, maybe that's to you...

And here's a small poem written by anonymous:
The silent,
the ones you don't get to know.
Not good for you,
Boo for you,
The best person,
the greatest writers,
amazing dancers,
can be a mute-
Or too scared to speak.
The silent,
the ones you don't get to know,
not good for you,
boo for you.

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