Saturday, February 9, 2013

Here's to the Sassy

This one's inspired by quite a few people, we'll call them sass-masters, who've used their sass for the better.

Here's to the sassy, the ones who will talk back. Here's to the ones who know when the limit is, but push it back. Here's to the ones who use their minds to shame you. Here's to the ones who'll do it for good. Here's to the ones who'll shame you, talk back,drown you in a pool of embarrasment.  Here's to the sassy.

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My mother's a lawyer, so naturally I constantly hear about cases. A few days ago, she angrily told my brother and I about a case, and I read about it today in my neighborhood's newspaper. The story goes as follows; there was a kid, about 20 years old, walking to his friends house. He was then ruthlessly beat and handcuffed by a public safety officer, a "peacekeeper." This really alarms me because this isn't the first time this had happened. The man suffered a punctured lung and other serious injuries and was hospitalized. During his time in the hospital he was under 24/7 watch by public safety officers and handcufffed to the bed. If that wasn't bad enough, his mother didn't know about this until the next day. "This is a courtesy call," the public safety officers insisted. "And I suppose if my son died it would be a courtesy call as well?" She replied quite sassily, hence this post. Public Safety, the "peacekeepers" are what I can call actual Peacekeepers from The Hunger Games, radical people imposing non-existent laws to my community's people, depriving us of basic rights.
I used to think this place was amazing, but underneath the sycamore there's more to it. I've probably just created an enemy.
Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech, Public Safety.
Think of that.

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  1. Interesting story, and a great post thingy.

    Great pictures, but me as a not very much liker of 1D, would have preferred if you just did the quote and not the picture.

    Interesting post.