Thursday, February 7, 2013

Here's to the Vloggers

I'm watching youtube while writing this, hence the post name, and actual post.

Here's to the vloggers, the worst promise-keeper in the freaking world. Here's to the ones who started off talking to a camera cause they got bored, and end up making money from it. Here's to the ones with pretty cool stories, the ones who are good at telling them. Here's to the ones who have editing skills, the ones who like me, have a passion for sitting in front of the computer hte entire day. Here's to the ones who help me procrastinate. Here's to the vloggers.

So, I just got bored so I'm actually writing this on the sixth, but it'll be automaticallly pubslihed tomorrow, or today, or like, five months ago-depends on when you're reading this. SO I WILL JUST SAY HI, LOVE THE PAST (as in, this is a letter, I leave you with "love, the past" but commas piss me off so)

There are loads more, but here are emmablackery, danisnotonfire, and amazingphil!
Have a great one!

1 comment:

  1. Great, this is really interesting.

    Mirah: I'm not sure how you can watch something and type a post at the same time.
    Sara: Shut up.

    Anyway, great post, I really like it and it is very interesting and it is true what you said about it just started with talking to a camera.

    I love these posts, because they are very interesting and the pictures are always something to look forward to.