Friday, February 8, 2013

Here's to the Generous

Have I done this one before? I don't believe so, anyway, hi. HERE IS TODAY, FEBRUARY EIGHTH'S POST:
Here's to the generous, the ones willing to give. Here's to the ones, no matter how little they have, no matter how much they have, will give. The ones who don't care about your race, sexuality, nationilty, hobby, interests. The ones who can look past that, and treat you like someone they love; someone they're willing to give things to. The ones who'll share happily. Here's to the generous.

((It's funny cause I keeplike another blog here or something))

Recently, I shared my blog on a social networking site. Upon being there, I've gotten mixed feedback. Some were like "it's good" others were criticizing my grammer. The thing is, sometimes I have no time to really proofread, and I prefer to think of my posts as poetry, writing without rules. That's just a little thing I wanted to say.
Have a great one!

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  1. Great post!!
    Interesting and it was very enjoyable to read.

    Great pictures as well.