Monday, February 25, 2013

Here's to the Kids.

When I say kids I mean children to teens, children of divorce.

Here's to the kids, the ones losing their childhood over a dispute. Here's to the ones who grow up too fast, and forced to take sides within a month. The ones who have to deal with step parents on a daily basis, the ones who can't bring themselves to act like they used to. The ones who can't forgive their parents. Here's to the ones who have no idea how to get through, but do. Here's to the kids.

Being a child of divorce, I can agree with all of this-mind you, I wrote it. The bottom line is, some of us are fine with a divorce, others aren't. Some couples can be civil, some will kill each other if they're in the same room. The bottom line is, kids like us don't show it, what we're going through. "The brightest smile hides the most tears" so if you know of someone with a dead mother, divorced parents, family problems, anything, just know that they have something to hide. I'm not telling you to pity them, I'm telling you to look up to them. I'm telling you to respect them, because they're strong enough to pull through, and not all of them are. Whether they like or not, they're strong. 
So here's to the children of divorce; we're just kids.
And sorry for lack of updating, a big week is coming up.

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  1. Really good post, I totally agree with respecting them.

    Really well-written.

    Good picture.