Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here's to the filmmakers

Here's to the filmmakers, the ones who share their opinion through moving pictures. Here's to the ones who expose you to the elements, the ones who show you real footage. Here's to the ones who know the word needs to go out. Here's to the filmmakers.

This one's from my phone, so sorry for any errors. What I mean by filmmakers, is a documentary maker.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Here's to the Kids.

When I say kids I mean children to teens, children of divorce.

Here's to the kids, the ones losing their childhood over a dispute. Here's to the ones who grow up too fast, and forced to take sides within a month. The ones who have to deal with step parents on a daily basis, the ones who can't bring themselves to act like they used to. The ones who can't forgive their parents. Here's to the ones who have no idea how to get through, but do. Here's to the kids.

Being a child of divorce, I can agree with all of this-mind you, I wrote it. The bottom line is, some of us are fine with a divorce, others aren't. Some couples can be civil, some will kill each other if they're in the same room. The bottom line is, kids like us don't show it, what we're going through. "The brightest smile hides the most tears" so if you know of someone with a dead mother, divorced parents, family problems, anything, just know that they have something to hide. I'm not telling you to pity them, I'm telling you to look up to them. I'm telling you to respect them, because they're strong enough to pull through, and not all of them are. Whether they like or not, they're strong. 
So here's to the children of divorce; we're just kids.
And sorry for lack of updating, a big week is coming up.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Here's to the Self-Respecting

This one's been inspired by skirt lengths at a private school, which I can guess every decent girl has had problems with.

Here's to the self-respecting, the actual hard to get. Here's to the ones who wear modest skirts, the ones that still aren't near floor length. Here's to the ones who have standards for partners, the ones who won't go for someone because they called him or her pretty. The ones who don't go around, the ones who stick to one. Here's to the loyal; here's to the self respecting.

I think I actually used the semicolon properly! I'm so sorry for the lack of posts and quality writing, writer's block is getting to me, as well as school work. I PROMISE I'll make a much better post tomorrow. Til then, I bid you awesome readers a farewell.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Here's to the Fangirls

This one is'll see
Here's to the fangirls, the ones dealing with feels. Here's to the ones who need someone to hold them, the ones who literally hyperventilate. Here's to the ones who desperately need that person to meet them, here's to the ones who obsess over fictional characters. Here's to the ones who have faith in the fact that they can marry who they love. Here's to the fangirls.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Here's to the Soldiers

Dedicated to all soldiers from every country. 
Here's to the soldiers, the ones willing to die for their country. Here's to the ones who risk getting tortured nad killed, but still go. for Here's to the ones who put their fears behind them, who do it to find themselves, to continue a family tradition, or out the goodness of their hearts. Here's to the ones who will have to be good at war, deeming them worse at peace.  Here's to the people I wish I had the courage to be like. Here's to the soldiers.

You know that feeling you get when you mind overflows with great ideas that JUST HAVE TO BE WRITTEN DOWN OR SOMETHING. WELL THAT HAPPENED THROUGHOUT TODAY LIKE MY MIND WOULDN'T SHUT UP. Which is sometimes annoying, mind you, my mind tends to be loud.
Goodness that sounds weird.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Here's to the Teachers

I can say that so many people can get this pot is dedicated to them so I dedicate this to all teachers.

Here's to the teachers, the ones who devote their time to teaching the new generation. They could be male or female, any race, any height, anybody with a kind heart. Their passion may not be so evident, but it's there, just search. Maybe they don't show their love for children, maybe they don't show love for their jobs, but they do love it. Or they once did. I give you advice, show them why they love to teach, why they started to teach in the beginning. Here's to the teachers.

A bit of a different style, and longer too. So anyway, I'd like to dedicate this to (almost)all of my treachers. For caring about your students, for teaching us, for helping us grow. Even though we get fifteen projects at a time, if you're a teacher, know your students are thankful.
Know that they love you.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Here's to the Sassy

This one's inspired by quite a few people, we'll call them sass-masters, who've used their sass for the better.

Here's to the sassy, the ones who will talk back. Here's to the ones who know when the limit is, but push it back. Here's to the ones who use their minds to shame you. Here's to the ones who'll do it for good. Here's to the ones who'll shame you, talk back,drown you in a pool of embarrasment.  Here's to the sassy.

(second blog I keep in the auothor's note section)
My mother's a lawyer, so naturally I constantly hear about cases. A few days ago, she angrily told my brother and I about a case, and I read about it today in my neighborhood's newspaper. The story goes as follows; there was a kid, about 20 years old, walking to his friends house. He was then ruthlessly beat and handcuffed by a public safety officer, a "peacekeeper." This really alarms me because this isn't the first time this had happened. The man suffered a punctured lung and other serious injuries and was hospitalized. During his time in the hospital he was under 24/7 watch by public safety officers and handcufffed to the bed. If that wasn't bad enough, his mother didn't know about this until the next day. "This is a courtesy call," the public safety officers insisted. "And I suppose if my son died it would be a courtesy call as well?" She replied quite sassily, hence this post. Public Safety, the "peacekeepers" are what I can call actual Peacekeepers from The Hunger Games, radical people imposing non-existent laws to my community's people, depriving us of basic rights.
I used to think this place was amazing, but underneath the sycamore there's more to it. I've probably just created an enemy.
Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech, Public Safety.
Think of that.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Here's to the Generous

Have I done this one before? I don't believe so, anyway, hi. HERE IS TODAY, FEBRUARY EIGHTH'S POST:
Here's to the generous, the ones willing to give. Here's to the ones, no matter how little they have, no matter how much they have, will give. The ones who don't care about your race, sexuality, nationilty, hobby, interests. The ones who can look past that, and treat you like someone they love; someone they're willing to give things to. The ones who'll share happily. Here's to the generous.

((It's funny cause I keeplike another blog here or something))

Recently, I shared my blog on a social networking site. Upon being there, I've gotten mixed feedback. Some were like "it's good" others were criticizing my grammer. The thing is, sometimes I have no time to really proofread, and I prefer to think of my posts as poetry, writing without rules. That's just a little thing I wanted to say.
Have a great one!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Here's to the Vloggers

I'm watching youtube while writing this, hence the post name, and actual post.

Here's to the vloggers, the worst promise-keeper in the freaking world. Here's to the ones who started off talking to a camera cause they got bored, and end up making money from it. Here's to the ones with pretty cool stories, the ones who are good at telling them. Here's to the ones who have editing skills, the ones who like me, have a passion for sitting in front of the computer hte entire day. Here's to the ones who help me procrastinate. Here's to the vloggers.

So, I just got bored so I'm actually writing this on the sixth, but it'll be automaticallly pubslihed tomorrow, or today, or like, five months ago-depends on when you're reading this. SO I WILL JUST SAY HI, LOVE THE PAST (as in, this is a letter, I leave you with "love, the past" but commas piss me off so)

There are loads more, but here are emmablackery, danisnotonfire, and amazingphil!
Have a great one!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Here's to the Street Artists

Well, today's trial was an evident fail. So here we go, back to the "old routine." It isn't exactly old, more like, the routine this blog is accustomed to. That's better.

Here's to the street artists, the ones who don't have to express themselves on a private canvas. Here's to the ones who don't really mind breaking the rules to express themselves, the ones who really don't care, long as the cops don't come. Here's to the ones who will do what they can, with the talent they have.

The thing I love about street artists, is that sometimes they are allowed-I mean, they do pretty cool stuff. But also that they can be all types of people, quiet, loud, funny, intelligent-they could just be some average kid-percieved as a goody two shoes-with talent! Aye, you never know.

Did I seriously just write "aye"?
My god I am disappointed in myself.
And like the new blog updates? Did 'em myself!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Here's to the Thinkers

So here's my new motto: New Updates, whenever I feel like it!

Here's to the thinkers, the ones who don't only use their strength. Here's to the ones who rely on wit, the ones who aren't the best at wrestling. Here's to the ones who can do more with what they have, not just learn. Here's to the oones wh can expand on other's creations, the ones who can make this bigger and new. Here's to the ones who've finished learning. Here's to the thinkers.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Here's to the Deep

And by deep, I mean pesonality wise, and the urbandictionaary definition of that would be:
When something is just - beyond articulation. When other words no longer provide the tools for explanation of certain acts and actions 
Far from human/animal/living organism/and even microbe reckoning and reason, should they have them. deep is the adjective that re-defines meaning and thought and makes you reflect on your own spatial position in time and spherical systems, and also that of others. <<<is stoned.

Here's to the deep, the ones hardly explainable. The ones who can't exactly let their words be described, the ones who come in that package. Here's to the ones who tend to have their own opinion, and can give you good advice. Here's to someone you may want to be like, here's to the deep.

I can't really describe this post, I can tell you this, I've been fond of the word deep since I was an ickle child, don't ask. SO FIGURE ME OUT BISH.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Here's to the Down-To-Earth

I guess I'll just stop putting the date, it's automatically there for you hahah

Here's to the Down-To-Earth, the ones who know you don't have to wear makeup to be beautiful. Here's to the ones who aren't jerks when they meet you, and try to hopelessly use that to impress you. Here's to the ones who aren't full of themselves, even if they're famous. Here's to a good group of role models. Here's to the Down-To-Earth.

The Down-To-Earth, great people-I'll give you that. I guess that's the type of person I want to marry...TMI, I guess?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Here's to the Silent

Day32/365-February 1, 2013
Here's to the silent, the ones who keep to themselves. Here's to the ones who are 5,000 times funnier than you think, the ones you don't know. Here's to the ones being judged but do nothing. Here's to the most unpredictable person. Here's to the silent.

PLEASE DON'T KILL ME FOR NOT UPDATING AND MISSING TWO DAYS, THEY WERE THE CRAZIEST DAYS OF MY LIFE AND ONE OF THEM WAS MY BRITHDAY AND I DIDN'T GET HOME TIL MIDNIGHT. SO YEAH, NOW ArAnDoMsTuDeNt is a year older. Anyway, by the silent I mean the mute, the ones with no ability to speak-not quiet people. This is dedicated to anybody who can't speak, maybe that's to you...

And here's a small poem written by anonymous:
The silent,
the ones you don't get to know.
Not good for you,
Boo for you,
The best person,
the greatest writers,
amazing dancers,
can be a mute-
Or too scared to speak.
The silent,
the ones you don't get to know,
not good for you,
boo for you.