Monday, February 4, 2013

Here's to the Deep

And by deep, I mean pesonality wise, and the urbandictionaary definition of that would be:
When something is just - beyond articulation. When other words no longer provide the tools for explanation of certain acts and actions 
Far from human/animal/living organism/and even microbe reckoning and reason, should they have them. deep is the adjective that re-defines meaning and thought and makes you reflect on your own spatial position in time and spherical systems, and also that of others. <<<is stoned.

Here's to the deep, the ones hardly explainable. The ones who can't exactly let their words be described, the ones who come in that package. Here's to the ones who tend to have their own opinion, and can give you good advice. Here's to someone you may want to be like, here's to the deep.

I can't really describe this post, I can tell you this, I've been fond of the word deep since I was an ickle child, don't ask. SO FIGURE ME OUT BISH.

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