Saturday, February 2, 2013

Here's to the Down-To-Earth

I guess I'll just stop putting the date, it's automatically there for you hahah

Here's to the Down-To-Earth, the ones who know you don't have to wear makeup to be beautiful. Here's to the ones who aren't jerks when they meet you, and try to hopelessly use that to impress you. Here's to the ones who aren't full of themselves, even if they're famous. Here's to a good group of role models. Here's to the Down-To-Earth.

The Down-To-Earth, great people-I'll give you that. I guess that's the type of person I want to marry...TMI, I guess?

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  1. Well, I wasn't happy when you skipped two days,but these two posts made up for it.

    Interesting and great.