Saturday, January 26, 2013

Here's to the Secondary

Day 26/365-January 26, 2013
Here's to the secondary, the ones who are still "pretty good." Here's to the ones who deserve to get as much praise as the first place winner, the primary, but don't. Here's to the ones who don't kill to be the best, the ones who can better at smaller, "insignificant" things.

This post comes with a huge background story. One of my three best friends and I relate to one thing, we're both upstaged academically by the other members of our groups. But here's somthing else, we're both better at something different, that may not give you amaazing grades, but every secondary, and quite a few primary have a list of characterisitics that are a heck better than good grades.

Some are, and are not limited to:
-An open mind and heart
-Flexibility (not as in "I can do a split")
And a heck load of other things.

BEcause remember, you're just a human. And humans arent' good at everything.

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