Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Here's to the Certain

Day 16/365-January 16, 2013
Here's to the certain, the ones who don't conform. Here's to the ones who will stick to their own opinion, even if they're the only ones with it. Here's to the ones who can be certain that they belive in what they belive in, and not what everyone else belives. Here's to the brave. Here's to the Certain.

I confused you with the last bit, aye? Well, today's dedication goes to..........
You. You get this dedication, and you get a post on the 31st of December, or maybe the last of every month...You'll see. 
Well here's to you, for reading this.
Thank you.
And try to figure out the meaning behind these pictures.


  1. Uggh, I told you I can't guess.

    Anyway, really good job.
    Gosh I love these posts.