Monday, January 14, 2013

Here's to the Activists

Day 14/365-January 14,2013
Here's to the activists, the ones who take matters into their own hands. Here's to the ones who won't stand by and watch, the ones who will start the protest. Here's to the ones who will bend the rules to get what they want, the ones willing to sacrafice. Here's to the activists who use the time they don't have to do what's needed. Here's to the activists.

This one's a shout-out to my family back at school, mostly Shani and Sara. Sara and I came up with the idea of ABC, an anti bullying campaign, and brought it to the student council, which is when Shani comes in. Against the wishes of the Student Council, he, as the VP supported and continues to support us. And I'm writing this after a long day of getting people to sign a petition.

For more information, leave a comment below and I'll answe (unless you're Mirah, ask me at school aha)

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  1. Great, sorry I wasn't there to help you get people o sign.

    Great post. Really well written and interesting.