Thursday, March 21, 2013

Here's to the Inspiring

Here's to the inspiring, the ones who lead by example. Here's to the ones who don't lead for ego, they lead for better. Here's to the ones who take what ever they have and do something great, motivating people to do what they want. Here's to the oens who don't care if they succeed, only if you do. Here's to the inspiring, the onse wwe all look up to.

Sorry for no updates, I just got a new computer (as my old one crashed), and I was on the plane to Florida! So now I have wifi! Well, I hope you enjoyed the post. Enjoy your lives my radiant readers.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so so much!!

    I love it!
    Really good ideas that you have. I'm impressed you can come up with so many!
    Really interesting and well-written. I really enjoyed reading it. I think the font is a little annoying to read but the style is great and so is the actual writing. Keep it up and I'm working on putting all your posts together.