Monday, March 11, 2013

Here's to the Independent

Here's to the independent, the ones who can do things on their own. Here's to the ones who don't need a leader to achieve, the ones who are the leaders of themselves. Here's to the ones who don't need to be lead, the ones who hold the reigns. Here's to everyone who has been forced to do an important thing alone. An independent thing, alone. Here's to the independent.

As you can see, I preach leadership. Well, it's my favorite quality in someone, and that makes me sounds like a cat-lady. But what can I say, that's my future. But I'm a blogger, and proud of that title. 'Cause like my name says, I know who I am. I am Sara, I am not a follower, I have my own unique personality, and I preach that shiz. 


  1. You are NOT going to be a cat lady.

    Keep up the epic writing! Like, legit.

  2. Awesome post, you already did leaders I think.

    Doesn't matter though, this post was great. As Allie says, keep up the epic writing!

    Honestly, these are really interesting and well-written.
    I love them all and I am always looking forward to the next post.