Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Here's to You

I'm sorry guys, life is taking a new turn. I'm afraid this may be my last post on this blog, and as I promised it's a "here's to you." So here is to you, and thank you. 
Here's to you, someone whose commented on a post. Here's to you, the one who shared my blog. Here's to you, the one who helped me through a rough time; here's to you, the one who showed me who I am. Here's to the one I love the most. Here's to you, who has stuck with this blog until the very end.

I just wanted to thank you, as this year on the internet has been one of my best. January 1, 2013-April 3, 2013
I was planning on making this a blog and keep updating every day for an entire year, I feel as though I have done my mission. I no longer want you to read my tributes, I want you to do something. Did the post about arguers interest you? Excite you? Inspire you? Go for it! Go for anything! Please! That's what I came here for, I love you all, in ways words can't describe. 

Stay beautiful, and this isn't an April Fools joke. 
Again, thank you. Maybe one day I'll write a book, including some of these posts. If it ever publishes, expect an update from me. Oh, and my name is Sara Serfaty.
So this is it. 
I love you, here's to you.


  1. This got me over emotional, like WTF? I talk to you everyday...

    I am fangirling. I love this one, okay? It's beautifully written and I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS I YOUR LAST ONE. </3 Okay. I'll leave :3

    1. I agree, this one is amazing!!!
      I can't believe/accept that this is your last one!@
      Please post more!!